Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Fashion of the Future Today!

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Until recently, we thought adult jumpers and gladiator sandals were the contemporary equivalent of the midi--i.e., elaborate jokes crafted by the naturally-awful CEOs of Urban Outfitters and American Apparel at the expense of fashion-forward women worldwide. As it turns out, though, these items have been the stuff of fashion fantasy since the early 1950s when at least one stylist working on a Life pictorial about the 'future of women's fashion' decided they were indeed our fashion destiny. Guess you can't fight fate.


pineapplemint said...

I love jumpsuits! Gladiator sandals less so, but weren't those from Roman times? I always assumed so, given the name and the resemblance to the sandals of Jesus.

Sorry, it's early.

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Still can't picture myself wearing one, but that Life magazine gal looks pretty cool and more bohemian/artsy to my eye than futuristic! I like her attitude.

lauren said...

i have seriously been trying to tell people for about 2 years now that gladiators are not a new thing and they wore them as early as the 1940s.

i had a customer not that long ago that thought they were a completely new trend from the 2000's. nope. nah-eh.

so thank you for this!

Huzzah! Vintage said...

dayum, you're right; nothing in fashion is new. way to harsh my mellow, kim!

allison, a flea circus said...

it ALWAYS comes back around. there's a reason they're called gladiator sandals. ancient roman gladiators and the women of their day used to wear them! i just look like a wanna be hipster in them, though. they were in when I was in high school, more than 20 years ago. my MIL always says if you are old enough to see it come back, you're too old to wear it again. i think in most cases, she's right. i'm ghastly in leggings, too.

alexkeller said...

can't do the jumper thing - i tried. it's impossible to go to the ladies room! i do like gladiators, however.
mom once asked me if it was in fashion to wear horns & tails, if i would. i may have mentioned it once before....and i said yes. but last week i saw a young woman ... wearing a tail pinned to her back side. not something i'll be doing.