Tuesday, March 30, 2010

IWIAYQ: PART IV + Shop Update


Pictured Above: Spring has sprung in ye olde shoppe!

From Jessica of Lola Vintage:

What is one thing you will never wear?

I have very few standards when it comes to my wardrobe, but I will most certainly never wear fur (vintage or otherwise). In addition to being cruel, I find it slightly vulgar...kind of like corvettes.

What vintage item that you currently own will you never sell?

Great question! I would sell most all of my material possessions for the right price in a heartbeat, but I would be hard-pressed to part with my Michael Jackson "Rock With You"/"Working Day and Night" 7" record. To paraphrase the great lyricist Eddie Murphy, that little piece of wax put the boogie in my butt.

What is your favorite joke right off the top of your head?

Rod Blagojevich

and...favorite funny movie?

I can't pick just one, so here's a quick, decidedly unacademic list:

* Welcome to the Dollhouse
* But I'm A Cheerleader
* Office Space
* Zack and Miri Make a Porno
* Clockwatchers
* Burn After Reading (if only for the monologue delivered by Malkovich before he's offed)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

IWIAYQ: Part III + Shop Preview


Pictured Above: vintage 1940s/1950s black suede bombshell pin-up heels, size 7 (thought seriously about keeping these for myself, but started feeling greedy); vintage 1960s aggressively mod needlepoint clutch

How did you find yourself in Oakland?

Like most, I found myself in Oakland after checking my bank account and near-future earning potential against the exorbitant rents in Berkeley and San Francisco. It was a quick commute to UC Berkeley, where I was studying, and it gave me extra fodder for the romantic working class origin myth that I began constructing for myself upon moving to the Bay Area for college at the turn of the century. We decided to live in Oakland again when we returned this summer from Iowa, both because we're still poor (d'oh!) and because we actually grew to like the city...parts of it.

How did you meet your guy & how long have you been together?

I met The Boy at the UC Berkeley radio station where we both volunteered during and after college, and when I had braces! We don't celebrate or acknowledge any sort of anniversary, but I believe this was back in 2002-ish.

What is your idea of a perfect day?

I'd wake up next to The Boy, rested and not at all arthritic, at around 9:00 a.m. in our modest summer house in the heart of Amsterdam, perhaps along one of the city's winding canals. We'd load Sassy Mae into a messenger bag and leisurely bike to breakfast before doing some casual thrifting, french-pressed coffee in hand. With our bags swelling from so much vintage goodness (and Sassy!), we'd perambulate to one the many art house theaters and catch a matinee before hitting up our neighborhood Farmer's Market to pick up fresh ingredients for a dinner party with friends whose jobs have dispersed them across the country but who converge in Amsterdam for one week each summer to unwind like they used to before they started popping out babies. We'd end the night with an impromptu dance contest in the living room, probably to "Umbrella". I would win, if only because I elected not to ironically mime my performance.

What would you name your first child (or next pet if you poo-poo the idea of wee ones)?

This is a fantastic question, mostly because it gives me the opportunity to reiterate that The Boy and I DID NOT choose Sassy's name. We thought about re-naming her, but decided it would just be too confusing for a dog just shy of two years to be in a new environment with a new name that sounded nothing like her old one ('Lassie' was just about the only thing that rhymed, and we thought that joke would wear thin quick). If we were to name a dog--and, yes, it would be a dog and not a baby as we have no intentions of spreading our seeds in time and space in a vain effort to project ourselves into the future so as to theoretically defy the cold, dark hand of death--I would lobby for a name that couldn't be infantalized (e.g., John --> Johnny), like 'Heather', 'Jill' or 'Adam'. I also like the name 'E40' for a dog.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Haircut!

new haircut!

I told my stylist, Shannon, to make me look like an Italian Carrie Brownstein c. 2004, and he did! Hooray!

Monday, March 08, 2010



Please enjoy our second installment of You ASKED!!! In today's episode, I dish on The Boy. shhhhhhhhhh.......


What do you like about your mate?

I like that The Boy has never seen E.T., even though he is a Film scholar and a child of the 1980s. I like that he discreetly buys several pairs of the same pants when he finds a pair that make his bum look good. And finally, I like that The Boy takes exceptional care of me and our little pig-dog on good days and on less good days. Ahhhhhhhh. Barf. Next question!

What is your academic field?

With apologies to Umberto Eco, I like to joke that I study Contemporary Sumerian Literature with an emphasis in Tautological Dialectics. (SO funny, right?!!? I'm a real hit at cocktail parties.) However, this is not the case. In fact, I study something far more absurd: American Teevee (& the history and theory of communication technology, more generally). At the academic conference Karen referenced in her original question, I'll be delivering a paper on sex and sound design in the Playboy basic cable abortion The Girls Next Door. RIVETING.

Do you have any style icons/inspiration, and if so, who?

When I was asked this question for a feature interview over at the wunderbar Hinterland Vintage blog, I reported that I had no real style icons, that I was 'influenced by the street' (or some such equally pompous hoo-ha). Well, I'm here today to confess that I do have some influences (though all are far from icons): this lady, this lady, and this stripey-top wearin lady. Lezzie chic at its *finest*