Monday, February 22, 2010

In Which I Answer Your Questions: Part I


Gentle Reader, I apologize for my egregious absence from das blaag. I recently fell ill with an acute case of 'social networking fatigue' (for which the only cure is old-school embodied fraternization). Observing the advice a feminist darling from my college days, I GOT OFF THE INTERNET and got on with the local life around me.

...for a spell, at least.



As my veteran readers may well recall, I beseeched them many moons ago to ask me anything on their minds, be it personal or political in nature. A few took up this non-challenge, and so I offer today the first rejoinders to their probing questions.

Do you believe in in god, heaven and hell?
I grew up near Fresno, CA, so Hell, yes, of course. Heaven and god, not so much.

Are you happy?
Would you believe me if I said 'yes'?

Do you have any regrets?
Even I am shocked when I say 'no'!

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
In Oakland, CA not above a gigging saxophonist.

What is your occupation?
Mental Masturbator of the lowest order (i.e., dissertating graduate student in the Humanities)

What is your dream occupation?
Notary Public to the stars

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Ah Hell


I just realized I'm actually one year older than I thought I was. Stupid public records databases.

edit: It is not my birthday (how cheesy and desperate would this post have been if it were!?!). I do, however, very much appreciate your well wishes, and will remember them in two weeks when the next forgettable birthday comes and goes.