Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Way Of The Academic

Every year I challenge The Boy to dress up as Jacque Lacan's 'mirror phase' for Halloween, and every year The Boy rebuffs me by asking whether we have all the requisite parts for my infamous "Who Farted?" costume. (In case you're wondering, these parts include a can of hairspray, a boot polish kit and a t-shirt with the words 'who' and 'farted' written across it. I know. I am as embarrassed as you are, Gentle Reader.) 

Well this year I've concocted four perfect costumes for The Boy, all of which satisfy his inclination as a philosopher to dress as a concept rather than a thing each Halloween. The first such costume (pictured below) might look like reality TV star-turned-unemployed playboy Jon Gosselin, but is, in fact, 'folly' in its material form. Similarly, the costume on the top right is not, as you may have first thought, Lady Gaga, but what I suspect 'desperation' might look like were we to de-abstract it from the conceptual realm. 'Regret' looks quite a lot like John "I love the Working Class" Edwards (no big surprise there), while 'perfection' is practically the spitting image of snarktastic The Soup host Joel McHale. 

I have yet to present The Boy with these ideas, but I am secretly pulling for Desperation. The Boy has a great set of gams.



St├ęphanie said...

Fabulous post !

MAB Jewelry said...

If he opts for "Desperation," please post photos.
"Folly" requires a cheesy sparkly earstud, a balding spot and an orangesicle glow.
You are wonderful!

mandi said...

I was cracking up through this entire post! ha i love it all!