Saturday, December 12, 2009

Lookin Good From The Front

Last night we here at Huzzah! had the fine pleasure of meeting Sarah of LooksGood live and direct at Oakland's fantastic mall-ternative craft bazaar. Naturally, we wanted everything at her booth, but couldn't abscond with it all (if only because others were scooping things up right out from under our noses). We did manage to leave the event with a number of swell items, though, including an insanely twee LooksGood headband that satisfies our peculiar urge to appear even more elfin than we already are, some incense to help mask the massive amount of pot smoke that fills our flat whenever the hippies downstairs aren't sleeping, and the business card of a local confectionist that makes the most incredible dark chocolate and sea salt squares we've ever tasted. We also came upon a wonderfully ironic baby onesie with the Wu-Tang logo on it that might find its way to some special ankle-biters on the east coast (both of whom, incidentally, ain't nuttin' to f***k with).

PS: Don't forget to enter the LooksGood giveaway by Dec. 14 if you haven't already!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Sadly, we are quite without stylish craft fairs in my corner of the world.

I've been MIA from the blogworld, but I'm back. :-)

Sarah Deragon said...

You are so adorable - thanks for visiting me and AHHH - that headband looks wonderful on you.