Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dad's "Diamond" Birthday

Father Huzzah! turned 60 over the weekend, so The Boy and I zoomed down to the valley for the night to help celebrate. We had a lovely time delicately ribbing dad about his new vintage, and we were reminded of our own by my young niece and nephew, who seem to have limitless amounts of energy and verve. Ah, to be young and so pure of intent that when you ask grandma why she has so many 'scratches' on her face (!), you're merely patted on the head and given more cake. 


My sister-in-law made this incredible cake to celebrate my dad's love of classic Mustangs (and the fall of the American auto industry, I think). 


You're why mommy drinks, kids. (KIDDING, natch. maybe?)


A "new" one for the always funny "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks.


The Boy, as seen through two probably incredibly filthy retro condiment squirters.


The remains of my largely inedible "omelette."


MAB Jewelry said...

Now that looks like a party that I wish I could have attended!

alexkeller said...

'you ARE why mommy drinks'
and i wonder what the "tomatoes" really were...