Sunday, December 06, 2009

Holla Day Giveaway!!

The only way that we here at Huzzah! could be any more excited about this ace giveaway from Sarah of Looks Good is if we could enter it ourselves (particularly because we just made the once yearly mistake of blunt cutting our own bangs and could really use something pretty to 'redirect' the eye). Alas and of course, we are not eligible; this, Gentle Reader, is all about you


YOU deserve some hair candy, darn it, and Sarah is handcrafting some of the best girly smack around (and in Oakland, near the Huzzah! compound, no less!).

Because Sarah is so rad--and because we both agree that my readers could rock the HAIL out of any of her accessories--she's graciously offering up her fabulously dramatic yet gorgeously understated "Joan" Birdcage Veil (pictured below) to one insanely lucky reader. Keep calm and read on for entry details...


To enter for your chance to win, simply leave a comment on this post any time between now and Dec. 14, 2009 about your worst haircut ever. Be sure to include your email address so that we may contact you in the event that you are the winner!

For additional entries (and thus more chances to win):

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Purchase something from the LooksGood shop!: Any purchase between Monday, Dec. 7 and Monday, Dec. 14 nets you five additional comments for five additional chances to win. Be sure to include the transaction ID in each of your five comments/entries. (Convo Sarah of LooksGood if you can't find the transaction ID!)

No purchase necessary to win. Shipping will be provided by LooksGood. This giveaway is open to Huzzah! readers worldwide. Entries will be accepted up until Dec. 14, 2009 at 11:00 p.m. PST. The winner will be chosen at random by an online number picker and notified via email.


ohvotrecoeur said...

Worst haircut ever was definitely age 11, right before my big sister's grade 8 graduation. Mom thought it'd be a great idea for us all to get our hair done, and by done she meant it was time for me to get a hair cut. What happened made me cry for a long time, and I still can't look at those pictures! Horrid layers, all chopped in the wrong places - too short here, too long here - til I looked like Mufasa's scorned grandchild. Bangs were too short. Cut was too... 1982-pageant-child. There was NOTHING I could do about it because the layers were too short to tie back, even. I was afraid of layers for YEARS.

This is a great giveaway! LOVE looks good from the front!

of dot fictions at gmail dot com.

CrystaL* said...

Oh wow. My worst hair cut has to be for my grade 7 picture. I had shoulder length hair and just really wanted a trim and asked my mom if she could cut my hair (she was a hair stylist at the time) she told me that I would have to wait a few hours.
Being inpatient I started to 'trim' my hair myself. Needless to say i couldn't get anything straight and ended up with hair at my ears and a fring that I was not wanting!
Never again have I cut my hair not matter how long it gets!

CrystaL* said...

Added on Twitter:
Give Away from @craftyfemme on @huzzahvintage blog. Check it out!

crystal (at)

Kat said...

My worst haircut was when I was 15. I'd decided to cut my hair myself and it was going pretty well, but then I decided to try and give myself layers at the front. Of course I had no idea what I was doing and just cut a diagonal line down the side of my hair. The next day at school a boy said I looked like I'd been attacked by someone with a sword!


Amanda / Rust Belt Threads said...

Not necessarily a haircut but a hairdo. When I was in elementary school I had really long thick hair with blunt bangs. My mom got the brilliant idea to put these tight little curls in the bangs for my school pictures. It looked like I had a sleeping poodle on my head.


pantone292 [at!] gmail dot com

Margaret said...

My worst haircut ever was in the 7th grade. Dorothy Hamil style, chopped from below my shoulders. And I have really thick, bushy, wiry hair. Well anyway it was very thick and bushy and wiry then (we've all aged, haven't we?). It elicited a summer-long comparison to a squirrel's tail AND a bad spiral perm to manage the growing out awkwardness.

I want that veil Giotta! It is gorg. Make it happen! You know where to find me.

Cindy said...

Having naturally curly hair means every haircut is the worst haircut ever... especially when you live in a small southern town. BUT my all time "want to crawl under a rock and die" haircut happened when I was about 7 or 8. My then stepmother had extremely short hair and was jealous of my long locks. She was so jealous in fact that she chopped it all off! I'm not joking... she grabbed a pair of scissors, told me she was giving me a trim and then cut ALL of my hair off. My hair went from the middle of my back to 3 inches at the longest sections. I remember crying all night and begging my dad to let me stay home from school. Unfortunatly he refused and I was made fun of all day and pretty much the rest of the year. Needless to say... it was very traumatic experience. :(


va said...

My worst haircut was when I cut it myself because I got impatient and just want the feel of fresh hair again and not dry . I have really curly hair as well and it's hard to maintain . my products are : moisturizing shampoo, conditioner , and coconut or olive oil to detangle and keep it soft and moisturized


sarah louise walker said...

I have had a few whoppers, seeing as how my hair as been every different length, but a doozy is when I was 12 and I got my hair cut into a bob. I had previously had long hair up to this point, so I didn't realize my hair was actually really wavy. So when it started to frizz up I thought my hair was just messed up so I hacked off a huge chunk of my hair. Worst part? I didn't have bangs, or do the other side. So for almost a year I had just this one chunk of hair that was 6" shorter than the rest. Whenever anyone asked I told them my little brother did it when i was asleep.

Sarah Louise

sarah louise walker said...

Also, I just tweeted this! I wonder how many of my friends will see my embarrassing story. :)

Sarah Louise

Django et Coco said...

Sweeet Giveaways!

OH my.. they were so many intentional bad haircut in my teens day! Seriously, it is shameful!

I think the one that top it all was around the mid 90s. I had short hair all over but one of my coworker at the hair salon needed to practice putting in hair extension! She glued about 15 small strand of hair here and there and cut them 10 inch long! So my hair was short with random long strand all around! I kept it for probably 1 month! Seriously baaaaaad!

-Coco from Our Paper Moon

ourpapermoon (at) hotmail (dot) com

Sarah Deragon said...

oh, i should NOT have hair trimming scissors. just chopped a big chunk out of the middle of my bangs day before yesterday. it isn't the worst, but it is certainly close.


Michelle @ One of a Kind Wisconsin said...

My worse haircut happened when I was staying with my Mom's friends because she was in the hospital. I had really long hair and one of the boys my age decided to wrap my hair up in his sisters curling iron... not only did I get burned but it had to be cut out of my fried hair. It was terrible and I thought my Mom was going to punish me for it.

Michelle Gartner

michellegartner at gmail dot com

hayley said...

I have really curly ringlets, and have always had it sort of between my shoulders and chin. Well my mom got the idea that I should try shorter hair. Well lets just say it didn't turn out so well. I was really short, and someone even told me I looked like the queen. Common what 14 year old wants to look like the queen!

Jessica / Lola Vintage Clothing said...

worst hair cut circa 1989, 5th grade when mom decided I needed a pageboy before I was ready. I cried. for DAYS.

Thanks for the entry, doll!

Cindy said...

tweet, tweet!


Rebecca said...

My worst haircut ever was about 18 years ago. I had two of my young children with me, one of whom had fallen asleep in the car. I went to one of those $5 haircut joints that are supposed to have immediate service, hauling in my sleeping child and my daughter. And guess what, no immediate service. I had to wait like about 45 minutes. When I finally got to a chair, with my kids sitting near me at another station, I told the stylist what I was looking for. She offered no hair wash... and began snipping away at my dry hair. When she finished with the main haircut, I told her I wanted my bangs to frame my face very gently, longer on the side and angling up. Holy crap... when she got done, it was all I could do to keep from saying, You think this looks good? You actually want me to pay for this? I was horrified, leaving quickly, lest anyone should see me, and went home to figure out what to do. I made an appt to go to someone I should have gone to see to begin with to try and salvage what was left of my hair. Lesson learned... don't get a wild hair and look for a fast and cheap haircut! It just ain't worth it!

DaisyToad said...

My WORST haircut by far was when I was pregnant with my daughter. I went to my sis' beloved hairdresser with an adorable picture, ended u with the hair to my ear on one side and shoulder on the other.

Worst hair I've done? Someone wanted their hair bleached and I created Rainbow Brite-wait that wasn't a cut, in beauty school we cut at least 1 mullet a day...1 day we did a mullet family of 5.

Anonymous said...

When I was twelve, my family moved from New York to Florida to live with my grandmother, a beautician. I was nervous about starting a new school--I was cripplingly shy, and looked extremely nerdy with my thick red aviator glasses, buck teeth, and frizzy brown hair with split ends. I expressed these concerns to my grandmother, who offered to "just trim off those split ends" for me.

It began well--gentle trimming, centimeter by centimeter, damaged ends falling to the floor and heralding the dawn of a new Ashleigh. An Ashleigh who was popular, and cool, and above all, had great hair! I was stoked!

After awhile, I noticed that my grandmother, ever one for bizarre innovation, was taking way too long for a simple trim. She wouldn't let me get out of the chair and look until it was done. I called for my mother. She wasn't home. I could do nothing but sit in agony until it was finished.

She gave me a boy's haircut. Not like a cute little unisex bowl cut or anything, it was a boy's cut with short bangs, a messy top, and A $%#@& RAT-TAIL IN THE BACK. That's right, I went to my first day at my new school with aviator glasses, buck teeth, and a rat-tail.

Tragically, the remake of Little Rascals had just been released, and people didn't stop calling me Froggy until I finished middle school two years later. Thanks Grandma.

Anonymous said...

Forgot my profile is private--my email is zetian00 at gmail dot com

Ruby Clover said...

worst haircut was when I was about 18 and I had been growing my hair out for about a year, it had been all shaved and wild on top ala Robert Smith and I was starting to go for a softer/less harsh grown up look so I could get a better job. went in for long layers and ended up with the ugliest feathered mullet EVER! Had to wear the top of my hair slicked back into a barrette for the next year. It SUCKED. Thanks alot for bringing me back to those dark times!

I want that fascinator

secret cake said...

Two words: Dorothy Hammil.

Alaina Cherup said...

My mother decided it would look good to chop off all of my hair, and then perm it with extremely tight curls. That haircut ruined me for life. To this day, I still cut it myself. I trust no one.

umbelvintage (at) gmail (dot) com

jessica, a miniature rhino said...

i'll just say that my curls should not be buzzed. it was a bad idea...
thanks for the chance to win!!

Lily said...

when i was in middle school, i decided to get my back length hair cut. however, the stylist did not get the memo that i was only 13 and gave me a terrible shoulder length soccer mom haircut. horrible.

Lily said...

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emily said...

Ok so once my sister and I were staying with my grandmother for the weekend. She thought it would be a good idea to take us to the beauty salon to get us perms. As three and fourth graders we thought this was great until we found out is smelled and we couldn't wash our hair for a few days. Not to mentioned that my mom freaked at picking up her too little poodles at grandmas. Oh and the super short curly bangs didn't help either. A terrible time for all. :)