Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Funny Face


Pictured Above: The growing stable of cartoon characters to which I have been likened over the course of my adult life

The Boy and I were at dinner over the weekend when, upon returning from the ladies' room, I was abruptly stopped by a woman and her tweener daughter at a nearby table. It seems they were overcome by the urge to notify me of my uncanny resemblance to Velma of Scooby Doo fame.

"Ah, yes, the quintessential nerd girl," I replied with feigned empathy, "I suppose it's the bangs and glasses, right? Hey, how is that carne asada?"

Perhaps sensing the contempt dripping from my voice (though certainly not understanding its very primal origin in my distaste for anything that keeps me from my food), the mother-daughter brain trust started uncomfortably clucking about how "cool" and "hip" Velma really is.

"She's the best one!" the elder chowderhead clucked.

"She always solves the crime," added junior.

As my blood sugar dropped and my patience thinned, I replied en route to my seat, "Rokay! Well then who was that hippy, bespeckled girl opposite Daphne?"


(You may not be surprised to learn, Gentle Reader, that my cheese enchiladas tasted rather unfortunately like regret that night. When will I learn...?)


Christy DeKoning said...

Some folks, well they just don't get it.
NEVER keep a woman away from her enchiladas!

Love your new Treasury!


Menopausal New Mom said...

I guess I would just be relieved not to be compared to one of the male characters!

Jessica / Lola Vintage Clothing said...

I used to be compared to Velma when I had short hair and glasses. I thought she had the cutest outfit, that's for sure! ;)

alexkeller said...

i used to get Fiona Apple (long hippie hair parted in the middle) and then Jeanine Garafolo (the glasses)

alexkeller said...

oh and i love carne asada. if you're ever in town i'll take you to this place i know - they have the best mole

Deidre said...

Oh my God, this is hysterical (I'm not laughing at you, Gina...I'm laughing with you). At least you've probably never been likened to Chelsea Clinton (I get that one a lot).

MAB Jewelry said...

Velma was cool, she just made some unfortunate wardrobe choices.

Amanda / Rust Belt Threads said...

I got Winnie Cooper/Danica McKella ALL THE TIME when I was younger. That all stopped when I chopped my hair of in 7th grade. Sadly, my math skills are seriously lacking compared to hers.

Miss Woody said...

wonderful glasses ! ahah

HUzzah! Vintage said...

You guys are so funny. From the ashes of regret rises hilarity.