Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The World's First Fashion Bloggers

Recently, a Mark Twain biographer dubbed the noted 19th century humorist "the world's first blogger." According to Robert Hirst, Twain's autobiographical technique was not unlike that of contemporary bloggers, who, Hirst notes, tend to eschew chronology in favor of informal, meandering recollection. Like a fish without a bicycle, Twain was 'a blogger without a web.' Perhaps the same can be said, then, of the women pictured above. Just a bunch of proto fashion bloggers without a cable modem or a scrap of Modcloth. Sounds kinda dreamy, right?


archives said...

"without a scrap of ModCloth" ahhahahahahhaahaha!

Bess Georgette said...

Most definitely!
I love coming across vintage photographs and matching their stylings to a modern equivalent. All bikes usually get classified as "Sartorialist". ;)

blouse said...

those first women look like ghosts.

love this thought!


Alessandra said...

Sounds heavenly!
What gorgeous photos....

Brittney said...

haha. this post made me laugh. great pics you found!
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