Tuesday, November 09, 2010

You Decide!

Is this:
a) the signature piece in Anthropologie's new Fall menswear line?
b) outtakes from a hip new Fruit of the Loom campaign?
c) an art project designed to make you feel bad about your consumptive practices?

If you guessed C, congratulations! The Zero Footprint Shirt series by New York-based artist Dave Rittinger works to remind us that the clothes we wear have as much to do with saving the environment as the cars we drive (or don't, hopefully). The leaf shirt is, of course, not available for purchase, but if it were, it could significantly reduce the rising core temperature of the earth by virtue of all the shade it would encourage people to throw at its wearer. (And doesn't the idea of solving the problem of global warming through bitchiness sound downright fantastic?!)