Saturday, April 10, 2010

Vintage Pastiche

vintage math

Vintage Drop Waist 1980s Tribal Party Dress

This dress, I think, is a bit like a David Lynch film: weird, well-made and perhaps a bit too cerebral. If only it were my size.


Louise said...

Yep, it is a pretty cool dress. Pity it isn't my size either.

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

This is the kind of dress that usually catches my eye and fascinates me, but it often turns out I'm the only one fascinated (and they never fit me, either!). I'm glad I'm not alone.

Andrea said...


And what's your opinion on all the style blogs suddenly being sponsored by/pimping clothes for various shops and clothing lines?

-Andrea (met you at Peter & Margaret's wedding)

HUzzah! Vintage said...

hey, andrea! fancy meeting you here ;)

it's a strange little cottage industry, right?! the fashion blogs are one huge echo chamber that i won't even pretend to fully comprehend. i suspect everyone's a prostitute, from the stores to the bloggers to their readers. i'll give you my final verdict on the phenomenon, though, after my first Modcloth honorarium clears. Har Har.

pineapplemint said...

It's lovely, though I'm not sure I can really explain why it's lovely.

Mother Midnight Vintage said...

and much like a Lynch film it looks as if it has an extra dimension (dementia?) - that you are curious to touch, but too cautious to accept as real.
personally, i like it, but i like David Lynch too.