Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Not Gifted

Scene at the post office today:

ME: Man! You guys are pretty busy for a Tuesday. Folks must be returning Christmas gifts, eh?
USPS CLERK (with seriousness befitting a funeral director): No, you cannot return gifts here. This is the post office.
ME: M'kay. Thanks.



ohvotrecoeur said...


sarah louise walker said...

oh lord.

Lisa said...

HAHA. really says a lot about the civil service, right?

Lemondrop Marie said...

HA, guess he told you a thing or two. Ahem.
Happy New Year! (is that allowed at the post office or would it be a distraction?)
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

Anonymous said...

d'oh!! that's a bit classic for them, eh? we ventured to usps branch just yesterday (for some very belated xmas gift mailing) and opted for the self service thingy. the other line had at least 42 people in it! what's the deal??

jarsika said...

Sometimes I think to myself... maybe I should let her know about printing postage off the internet? Then I think... but what would happen to her wonderfully hilarious post office blogs? I can't be hasty here.



HUzzah! Vintage said...

jariska - i just got a scale yesterday, but fear not! I'll always find something to kvetch about!

MAB Jewelry said...

You know, somebody probably tried to return a pair of boots at their counter earlier that day. Some of the postal customers amaze me, especially when they have no idea where they want to send something.