Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Getting To Hope You Like Me

The inimitable ladies of Small Earth Vintage and Digs Frocks and Books recently tagged me in two fun--and curiously similar--Q&A memes that I have reproduced below with my own much less amusing answers. Thanks, ladies, for thinking of me! ;)

Pictured Above: #9 below

1. Your hair?
horrifically permed from the 3rd through the 6th grade
2. Your favorite food? fresh, extra sour sourdough
3. Your favorite drink? mint julep (quite possibly the best thing about the South?)
4. Your dream/goal? organic mint farmer
5. Your hobby? re-telling personal anecdotes until they're reliably funny
6. Your fear? succumbing to my overwhelming desire to wear elastic-waistband pants all day, every day
7. Where were you last night? at home watching teevee with The Boy
8. Something you say all the time? "It's research!" (in reference to any suggestion that my teevee watching is somehow excessive or idle)

9. Something that you're not? perky
Wishlist item? Smart Car
11. Last thing you did? tried and failed to craft a witty answer to this question
12. What are you wearing? black 'n white striped soft shirt, black cardi, brown slacks, black canvas mary janes
13. Your pets? high maintenance
14. Friends? unnervingly accomplished, funny and rather unfortunately dispersed across the country
15. Missing someone? (see above)
16. Something you're not wearing? hmmmm.....the shackles of femininity?
17. Your favorite store? the Internet

18. Your favorite color? green
19. The last time you cried? robots don't cry, silly!
20. Whens the last time you laughed? hmmmm, well it's wasn't during Modern Family or Cougar Town. THAT I can promise you.
21. One place that I go to over and over? a publicly-subsidized hell more commonly referred to as 'the US Post Office'
22. Where do you eat? over the sink like a common frat boy



Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Beautiful--thank you for playing! I really enjoyed your answers, and related to MANY of them (particularly #9). And any time you make a link to Sassy Mae sunbathing, I'm a happy camper. xo

alexkeller said...

of course, we like you! now i'm going to work on these for my next post -

Django et Coco said...

This was a fun read :)


Anonymous said...

Eek! I just saw this and I am so excited - what do i do, what do I do?!

I especially love your answers 19-22..... HA!

rachel red lips said...

ugh, the post office!