Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Analytic Humor

I suspect that the person who found my shop today while searching for cunt necklaces was horribly disappointed. Forty-one whole seconds of her life utterly WASTED.


Oh, and HEY! How did this shop update get in here...??!!


Pictured Above (Top L-R): Vintage 1960s Butterscotch Dolly Dress; Vintage Vegan Tooled Leather-Look Tote; Whimsical Vintage Giraffe Pin; Vintage Upturned Fawn Wool Cloche; Vintage 1960s Convertible Vinyl Purse Clutch; Vintage 1950s Pendleton Buffalo Plaid Wool 49er Jacket; Vintage Deco Mesh Metal Belt


Louise said...

Cute bag.
And lucky I got the spelling right.

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

BWAH! That's that pantsless mannequin post, coming back to haunt you via GA!

Always love a 49er. And THAT HAT! I wish my apparently giant head didn't always make me look ridiculous in any hat.

Ms. B said...

Wow, what an interesting query :/

Joy said...

Ahhh! It's me! I hearted that great hat and I have the cunt necklace!

They must have navigated to you through my favorites!

MAB Jewelry said...

Keywords in analytics are just fascinating, aren't they? This one is pretty laughtacular.

jarsika said...

I got one of those for "wet pussy". I guess as long as it's creating traffic right?!?



alexkeller said...

i should really figure out how to do that. too tired. time for sleep....

Kat said...

i really like the giraffe, it's too cool!

Nikita said...

Once I StumbeUpon clicked my way to a necklace maker on Etsy who makes pendants to look like your vagina. you send her pictures and stuff. I guess that would be considered a cunt necklace.

Why anyone is interested in that is beyond me however.

Love the blue flannel btw.

Chelsea said...

hahaha... thank you so much for sharing that! hilarious :)

btw I'm new to your blog, and I love it (and I'm a fellow Oaklander... booyah!).