Friday, October 16, 2009

I Hella ♥ Oakland

Although I often jest about Oakland's notorious and very serious crime problem, there's nowhere else I'd rather live (Montreal, Berlin and Amsterdam notwithstanding, OF COURSE).

Well, yesterday The Boy escorted Sassy Mae outside to take care of some business, and returned with four gorgeous succulents of mysterious origin in tow. It seems someone left them on our porch steps, right next to our freshly worked--but as yet under-populated--garden plots. I think I'm going to leave my unfinished dissertation on the steps tonight and hope for the best!


Pictured Above: A needed gift from a stranger, discovered on our porch steps


Pictured Above: Abandoned couch-cum-public art across from the Huzzah! compound


alexkeller said...

that's awesome! makes me think it might be a little old lady who just loves plants and hates empty pots

Ms. B said...

Wow that's so awesome! Our neighbor across the street just offered me some of her plants as well!

kim said...

while not particularly inviting for a sit down, that couch is amazing!

avintagespirit (Lizzy) said...

That's so cool that someone left you those plants! What a nice thing to do.
And I love that couch, it makes me smile it's so cute :)

sarah louise walker said...

Aghaha, "Huzzah Compound."

That's wonderful about the plants- if I wasn't such a busybody I'd be inclined to leave little plants all all my neighbors' doorsteps!