Sunday, September 27, 2009

Corners Of Our (rented) Home

We've been back in Oakland now for just over six weeks and are finally feeling settled into our new home. Here's a peek!:


Above: Mid-century teak dresser and matching mirror, thrift shop; circle-top side tables and bullet planter, eBay; no-sew curtains, Ikea

handmade wooden bird detail

Above: Little hand-carved bird signed and dated (1979), thrift shop

kitchen table

Above: 1950s Formica table with not one but two additional center leaves, Craigslist

dog bowl

Above: Our dog will soon be smarter than your average high school graduate


Above: Unmatched Danish mid-century chairs, Craigslist; custom box cushions, Retro@Home; lumbar accent pillows, Nest Living; round coffee table and matching side table, West Elm; arc lamp reproduction, cb2

Homemade Bookshelf

Above: Custom shelving by The Boy


Burning Moon said...

Your home looks very lovely

TheSeaWithin said...

Love it! I just moved from Oakland back to Canada... I loved the old houses there.

HUzzah! Vintage said...

me too! we lucked out getting this Edwardian. Almost ended up in one of those new (but not so charming) condos that have started popping up near downtown.

hope Canada is treating you well. Despite its many problems, Oakland can be a hard place to leave.

Anonymous said...

how is your house that CLEAN?? that looks like paradise to me. Wonderful decor, lovely space, lots of light and books. i'm moving in.