Thursday, September 17, 2009

Farewell to a Vintage Skyline

Pictured Above: Recent AP photos of the Bay Bridge during construction of its replacement

The Bay Bridge has long been the redheaded stepchild of its more glorious counterpart to the northwest. It's not painted in any pretty color, you're not encouraged to walk its length, and no disturbingly poetic films have been made about it (to my knowledge). It's heavy and industrial-looking, but then again, so are most workhorses. Now that its destruction looms heavy, I've become typically nostalgic for the crude and unwieldy lines it cuts across the edge of the western world. The sleek new postmodern bridge will, of course, probably serve its stated function well, and it too will someday seem equally clumsy and voluminous, but it will never be the spectacular secular cathedral that its grizzled progenitor once was. Farewell, Bay Bridge.