Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Unsafe At Any Speed

So this is precisely what it looks like: A car with a record player mounted under the dash. They were popular options in the 1950s when clear channel radio stations were still limited and when commuting from your nascent suburban community into the city for work was still new and exciting. The Philips version pictured above-bottom seems to work a bit like a CD player in that it sucks the disc in, but most of the devices required drivers to actually drop the needle on the record. Since we can hardly be trusted to keep control of our cocktail while flipping the record (much less positioning the needle), this seems like a particularly bad idea.

File this alongside the SPCA-unapproved dog riding sack in the "History of Bad Ideas: The Eisenhower Years"


rebecca said...

Good heavens that woman can't see over the steering wheel!
Dogs everywhere should howl thanks that the "Dog Riding Sack" never went mainstream.

blouse said...

oh my gosh! that is amazing. i had no idea that used to exist. I kinda love it!

and as for the dog riding sack. whew. that is something else!

you never fail at making me laugh!


Vintage Seen said...

it's dangerous but it's also dangerously COOL, I want to be that lady in the first shot! (before she eats it in a fiery crash).
p.s. the boy & I watched your doggy clip a few times, love it...