Thursday, January 27, 2011

For Lisa

We hope the sound of a snoring, dreaming Sassy Mae makes your day a little easier.
xo, G + K (and Sassy Mae)


alexkeller said...

so sweet - nite nite!

Em said...

Love it! Looks well nestled!

Kristin said...

cute but bizarre snoring noise, hehe.

Mother Midnight Vintage said...

best. thing. ever.
you tell Miss. Sassy that she not only made my day but she may have also (inadvertently) ruined me for any and all other dogs FOREVER!
if she ever goes missing take comfort in the fact that she is living in New York and is being very well cared for.
:) - Lisa.

Mother Midnight Vintage said...

also, i don't know if your analytics can convey exactly HOW MANY times Otis has insisted on watching this today... but you should know, he is convinced that she is, in fact: a Bunny.

archives said...

oh my holy gah! what a real snoozer!!! too freakin adorable!!!!

Vintage Seen said...

good god I thought my boyfriend had a problem!

Huzzah! Vintage said...

yes, in addition to DOG, Sassy is

1/4 jack rabbit
2/3 grumpy old man
7/8 whiny baby
4/10 pig

and 100% wuvable :)

PuppyLovePrincess said...

ohmygosh... so cute!