Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ladies Who Lunch (& Thrift)

We've been busier than a teleprompter operator on SNL the last few weeks, so it was really fantastic to break from our normal Friday routine of finishing that-which-we-neglected-the-rest-of-the-week and meet up with fellow Bay Area vinties Mel (above right) and Theresa (above left) for some vegan Mexican food in Berkeley. While we klatsched over seitan taquitos and banana-wrapped tamales, the ladies joked that we should each take an ironic 'Myspace photo' of ourselves since that representational genre always seems to make its subjects look skinnier than they really are (see, e.g., our bobble-headed likeness above).

After lunch we meandered around Berkeley's burgeoning antique district, where, we're proud to report, we resisted the urge to buy a baby made of dried corn. Talk about willpower!