Wednesday, September 29, 2010

When Bad 80s Hair Accessories Happen to Good People

So surely you're heard by now about last week's international incident involving Hillary Clinton, a cheap plastic jaw clip and what must be the warring brain cells of a few right wing pundits with very little actual work to do. As the photos above suggest, Our Lady of the Unfortunate Pantsuit (i.e., Hillary Clinton) didn't make the wisest executive decision when she pulled her hair into a formal mullet for her appearance at the U.N. earlier this month, but whether that styling error warranted the excessive scrutiny that ultimately befell it is an entirely different matter. We here at Huzzah! have a loose moratorium on posts discussing the fashion of female political figures for reasons noted here, but we are curious to know your thoughts on ClipGate '10.

Was this fashion faux pas politically egregious enough to merit mention in the press, or did it merely help highlight just how much more work has yet to be done if men and women are to ever truly be equal--within and beyond politics?

Pictured Above: A little reminder that male politicians are not immune to public scrutiny of their appearance. Nixon is said to have lost the televised 1960 presidential debate with John F. Kennedy Jr. because of his excessive sweating and tired appearance--a fate avoided by Kennedy thanks to pancake makeup that made him appear rested, youthful and calm on camera. By the 1968 presidential election, Nixon had learned his lesson and was caking it on like a drag queen at a MAC counter.


P U R P L E - D E E R said...

The clip is never a win Hilliary...Everyone should know that...Including the U.N....I'm sure they judged her.

Mother Midnight Vintage said...

i agree that The Hill committed a faux pas with the clip, but i kinda find comfort in the thought that she might be too goddamned busy to get a proper blow-out!
perhaps she should hire a new stylist before she reverts to the French braid...

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Feh. If anyone can be excused a stupid hair clip, she can. I say this as a person who knows how freaking irritating it can be when your hair is bugging you and you have to get it off your face or whatever. It's not the best look, but I wonder if anybody of any importance really noticed.

Now, Ken Burns on the other hand: I know he's just a documentary-maker, but surely the man has enough money to get a haircut now and then.