Friday, September 17, 2010

Surveillance Chic

This clever piece of art-cum-limited edition consumer purchasable won't actually record your roommate dipping into your weed supply or your nanny punching your croupy baby while you're at work, but it will illuminate a room so that you can comfortably read Discipline and Punish with a supremely smug expression on your face. Way cooler than our ramshackle petticoat chandelier, to be sure.


Good Girls Studio said...

That is fantastical! You find thee coolest obscure stuff :)

toshy said...

lighting in a disciplinary society! Love it!!!

jen thunder said...

this blog is hysterical and incredibly articulate- so glad you left a comment on threadbared's site.
are you a full time vintage junky/ part time academic scholar teaching at fit???

Huzzah! Vintage said...

hi, and thanks, jen thunder! (awesome name, btw)

sorry for the late response, but to answer your question, I only moonlight in the blogosphere. IRL I'm finishing my dissertation and teaching a class on popular cultural criticism at a local bay area college. (but oh how'd I'd love to be at FIT in NYC!)