Friday, July 30, 2010

Say Our Name, Say Our Name


It's been brought to our attention more than once that the vast majority of the world neither speaks Old High German nor watched Deadwood, and therefore has absolutely no idea how to pronounce our name. Is it huzz ah or huzz uh? Quite honestly, we've been known to pronounce it both ways depending on our mood, but the former elocution is the more correct of the two, if only because 'huzzah' is an exclamation (and exclamations generally encourage a lifting of the voice on the final syllable rather than a lowering). Bored yet? We thought so.

Click here to listen to a stilted, computerized lady voice say huzzah (sans, of course, all requisite emotion).


Mother Midnight Vintage said...

in my humble opinion... i think it should be pronounced:
"HUUUUUZAAAAAAHHH!" with an inflection akin to Oprah.