Tuesday, June 29, 2010



These are why I'm sometimes almost compelled to spend upwards of $230 for a mass-produced, contemporary cotton dress. So clever! So whimsical! So misleadingly easy to tastefully recreate on a smaller scale in your own home for special events like hip baby showers!


Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Those are marvelous displays. But they still don't make me want to spend that much on a dress from Anthro, even if they had one in my size, which they likely wouldn't.

pineapplemint said...

I had never purchased anything from that store, though I find it delightful, until yesterday.

Happening to wander past a gigantic SALE sign in their window, I was lured in and bought a pair of denim leggings on super clearance. I was tempted by so many other things but yeah, the prices. It was even a little terrible to pay $40 for denim leggings (an item I surely never intended) to own but to think that they were $90 before is just frightening.

Mother Midnight Vintage said...

what the... are those plastic baggies with plants rooting in them?! holy hell! that, in itself is disturbing - but i concur, their prices are far more unsettling.
kudos to the folks who dressed those windows though, that is one crazy competitive gig.

alexkeller said...

sale sale sale - and to get ideas - their dome department always has great displays, too

lauren said...

they consistently have the most amazing window displays, like the days of department store yore when the window was such a very big deal.

Teresa said...

Oh, wow! Mallows, balloon animals, and pompoms! I can totally see how dropping $200 would be so easy. They do have lovely items. :)

♥ Teresa ♥