Sunday, May 09, 2010

Disciplining My Vintage Overflow




It's official. We've outgrown the office/library that was doubling (tripling?) as a studio and have at last begun to colonize the bedroom with as-yet-to-be-listed vintage frocks. The Boy thinks it's creepy to slumber so close to the garments of deceased women; I find it darkly comforting.

Look for these pieces (and more) in the coming weeks at our new digital domicile.


alexkeller said...

eh, he'll get over it. and i'm stashing stuff all over the place - actually DIDN'T buy 3 pyrex bowls today

Good Girls Studio said...

I'm with Alex, he'll get over it ;) Maybe start hanging them on the walls as "art" :)

Louise said...

My boy is always commenting on the weirdness of me wearing 'dead ladies clothes.' I agree ... tis weirdly comforting.

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

We are lucky to have a basement (7 racks and shelving units) and a garage (3 racks plus several bags of yet-to-be-sorted vintage). It still creeps upstairs, though (the things in need of repair in the hall closet, the things in need of hand-washing in the spare bedroom). It was like this when I came here, though.

Rust Belt Threads said...

I am super excited to see the ruffly purple number! I have one room to myself that is for my vintage/computer, but it lacks in shelving. My glassware is all over the house, mainly sitting on our kitchen table, and now creeping into the bedroom. I'm probably going to have to invest in another IKEA expedit, (we have one for my bfs massive vinyl collection) but who knows where that will go.