Monday, February 22, 2010

In Which I Answer Your Questions: Part I


Gentle Reader, I apologize for my egregious absence from das blaag. I recently fell ill with an acute case of 'social networking fatigue' (for which the only cure is old-school embodied fraternization). Observing the advice a feminist darling from my college days, I GOT OFF THE INTERNET and got on with the local life around me.

...for a spell, at least.



As my veteran readers may well recall, I beseeched them many moons ago to ask me anything on their minds, be it personal or political in nature. A few took up this non-challenge, and so I offer today the first rejoinders to their probing questions.

Do you believe in in god, heaven and hell?
I grew up near Fresno, CA, so Hell, yes, of course. Heaven and god, not so much.

Are you happy?
Would you believe me if I said 'yes'?

Do you have any regrets?
Even I am shocked when I say 'no'!

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
In Oakland, CA not above a gigging saxophonist.

What is your occupation?
Mental Masturbator of the lowest order (i.e., dissertating graduate student in the Humanities)

What is your dream occupation?
Notary Public to the stars


Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Well, finally! I missed you. But SNF is a real problem and I'm glad you got the break from it you needed. xo

MAB Jewelry said...

Hey, there, and welcome back. And I grew up in the Everglades, about five miles north of hell. . .

Mother Midnight Vintage said...

so glad you have returned from your hiatus! those of us who need some linguistic candy now and again were starving for a treat.
i wish i had participated in this Q&A you are responding to... will there be more in this series?

Rust Belt Threads said...

There is no way I could handle living above a gigging saxophonist....welcome back!

Ashley Jennings said...

love the mental masturbator of the lowest order. I feel you, sister.
Also luv the post of free people. hysterical.