Friday, November 20, 2009

Necessary Baggage

Our friend Bista sent us a link to a San Francisco Chronicle article that at once features some pretty cool upcycled vintage suitcases and represents why the craft of journalism is dead (seriously, if doing a Google image search and stating the obvious while trading in cliches about the so-called 'past' is what constitutes journalism today, then call us reporters and this blog a daily).

Here are our own picks (check those clever medicine cabinets!):



harlow ~ monroe vintage boutique said...

I may never sell another vintage suitcase I find again. These are fabulous ideas! I'm especially swooning over the baby pink suitcase turned accent table (photo #2). Love, love, love!

ulysses101 said...

The medicine cabinet with the map of the world on the inside is my all time favourite :)

Chelsea said...

ooooh I love the table the most, followed closely by the wine cabinet. why don't they make steamer trunks like those anymore? instant dresser while traveling!

(and you made me bust out laughing with the description of the antique store where I got my earrings... of course it's the crazy one with the eccentric shop owner!)

Django et Coco said...

Great Post!

I love the luggage table!


Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

The medicine cabinets are wonderful! We are using one of our favorite old suitcases as a small side table (stood on its end, after I saw it used that way in an Etsy photo--neither of us was creatively-minded enough to come up with that on our own).

I really should have gone into journalism after all. It would have suited (heh, punny) my innate laziness.